Union of Greek Regions

The Association of Greek Regions (EN.P.E.) is the representative body of the thirteen (13) Regions Greece.

It was implemented in 2011 by the Presidential Decree no 74/2011 aimed at permanent structured cooperation, promotion and representation of all Greek regions. It is about a legal entity of the private law which is directly supervised by the Minister of Interior and in fact has replaced the Union of Prefectural Authorities of Greece (E.N.A.E.), keeping all the aims, the legal obligations and the responsibilities. The Association of Prefectural Authorities of Greece has been established by the Presidential Decree no 369/1995.

The Association of Greek Regions according to the Presidential Decree of its establishment has mainly the following purposes:

  • The cooperation of the Regions/Members of the Union
  • The promotion of the institution of the Regions
  • To conduct researches and studies on issues related to the local authority and the regional development.
  • The gathering and processing of data and information concerning general or specific issues about the mission and the work (actions) of the Regions.
  • Promoting and encouraging initiatives for the peace, the culture, the balanced social growth and economic development, the alleviation of regional inequalities and unemployment.
  • The coordination of the Regions for taking preventive and repressive measures against the climate change and its consequences and the environmental protection always in cooperation with competent bodies of the government and the European Union.
  • The update and the continuous training of regional staff and the elected representatives as well.
  • The cooperation with the Central Union of Municipalities of Greece, the Regional Unions of Municipalities and other bodies of the local authorities with a view to providing the institution of the intergraded cooperation and the promotion of issues related to the local authority.
  • The cooperation with relevant international and European institutions and bodies of the local and regional authority.
  • The cooperation with public and private entities on topics relatives to the regional policy, the decentralization and the growth.
  • The representation of the regions at all the institutions and the bodies in accordance with the relevant provisions.
  • Planning, coordinating and supporting actions that upgrade the statutory position of the regional staff as well as members of the elected bodies and make more efficient the function of their business sectors.

Furthermore, the Union of Greek Regions

  • Formulate opinions on Bills (draft government regulation) concerning the regions
  • Publish books and schedules relevant to issues of the regional authority.

In particular, the Union of Greek Regions has participated like partner or coordinator to European or national programmes like p.e.:

  1. In cooperation with the Region of Crete (Final beneficiary) and participation of the thirteen Greek regions at Operational Programme “Development of Digital Platform for driving licence digitization in 13 Regions D.G.L.”
  2. In cooperation with the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens, the WWF and entities of the Local Authority at the programme LIFE +2015, with the proposal: “Building capacity in forest fire prevention at the Local Authorities and all the stakeholders (INFORESTCITIES)”.
  3. In cooperation with the P.E.T.A. S.A. / Information – Training – Local Growth (Final beneficiary), the General Secretariat for Gender Equality and the Central Union of Municipalities of Greece under the operational programme “Administrative Reform 2007-2013” and in particular the Act “ Encouragement and support of the women participation in responsible political positions and representation at regional and local level” ( operation co-financed by NSRF) has been incorporated in ENPE an office for the networking and the promotion of the gender equality, in order to enhance the women participation in decision-making processing at local and regional level.

In addition E.N.P.E. (under its previous form like Union of Prefectural Authorities of Greece E.N.A.E.) was charter member of the European Confederation of Local Intermediate Authorities (CEPLI).

It also participated in acts and programmes co-financed by the European Union through the National Strategic Reference Framework (NSRF) 2007-2013.

Under the Programme Intelligent Energy, co-financed directly by the European Union, carried out in cooperation with local authorities of the EU member states the Act “Innovative Tools for Energy Regulations of Province Associations on Renewable Energy Sources” (INTERPARES).

It participated likewise at the creation of a European Grouping of Territorial Cooperation (EGTC) in collaboration with Greek and Italians local authorities.

In close cooperation with the Prefectures (now Regional Units) took part in the registration of the damages caused by the destructive fires at 2007, and the creation of the “Fire victims relief fund” (known as “Moliviatis Fund”).

Finally, we have to underline that among the main objectives of E.N.P.E., according to its statute, is “The continuous development and training of the elected representatives and the personnel of Regional Authorities”. In this context has organized and accomplished several actions of personnel’s skills growth and knowledge’s dispersion.

These actions cover most of the responsibilities of Regional Authority on administrative, informative, environmental and other topics about the early diagnosis and the management of problems and risks in each of these areas.